Many of the gardens we maintain are mature and often have climbers on walls as well as fruit trees and shrub roses.  Wisteria and roses are favourite climbing plants.  To get the best out of these shrubs and climbers, they all need annual pruning, tidying and shaping and Wisteria needs twice yearly attention.   We’ve rescued long neglected Wisterias allowing them to shine again.  Scroll down for examples of our work.

Summer Tidy up of Wisteria

And flowering the following Spring after a winter prune

Winter pruned Wisteria showing the structure and the flowering ‘knuckles’ full of buds


Same Wisteria in Spring


Fruit trees pruned.  Glass Barn Cloches for sale at this link  Shop for Barn Cloches 

Same Wisteria after the Summer pruning

Climbing rose tamed in mid winter.  Shaping it up over a couple of years

roses tamed in mid winter.

Same rose late Spring full of flower buds

Same Rambling Rector rose in flower mid June

Neglected fruit trees gently pruned to start to shape them up for fruit production and good looks.  Trying to open up the middle and retain the lovely long, arching down, fruiting branches.  When the fruit form on these branches the downward arches will set making harvesting easy.

A very old apple tree of unknown variety.  An enormous amount of vertical ‘leaders’ were removed which looks brutal.  But also, all the near horizontal branches were left and these will fruit and form the future shape of the tree.  Care will be needed to remove ‘water sprouts’ in the summer which will be very upright shoots.


Apricot tree trained on a south facing wall.  Full of blossom buds which will flower end of February

None formal hedging maintenance 


Old apple trees in need of opening up and removal of vertical water shoots caused by previous “limbing” of old established branches

It looks severe but the aim is to open up the middle and encourage the more horizontal branches of this tip fruit bearing apple tree.  The fruit will set on th branches and weigh them down to more horizontal and then they will set in that position.  Easier to harvest the apples.   Next year, further removal of water shoots may be necessary.

Getting to grips with some pleached Hornbeams that needed tidying up and tying in.  These make a wonderful ‘elevated’ hedge for privacy.

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