Many of the gardens we maintain are mature and often have climbers on walls as well as fruit trees and shrub roses.  Wisteria and roses are favourite climbing plants.  To get the best out of these shrubs and climbers, they all need annual pruning, tidying and shaping and Wisteria needs twice yearly attention.   We’ve rescued long neglected Wisterias allowing them to shine again.  

Summer Tidy up of Wisteria

And flowering the following Spring after a winter prune

Winter pruned Wisteria

Same Wisteria in Spring


Fruit trees pruned.  Glass Barn Cloches for sale at this link  Shop for Barn Cloches 

Same Wisteria after the Summer pruning

roses tamed in mid winter.

Same rose late Spring full of flower buds

Same Rambling Rector rose in flower mid June

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